Routine Pet Exams

At our Olds clinic, we focus on preventive care by providing routine veterinary exams to help your pet maintain excellent long-term physical health while also detecting health issues early.

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Preventive, Proactive Care

Routine exams are essential to helping your pet maintain outstanding long-term physical health. 

Combined with regular vaccinations and parasite prevention along with proper nutrition and at-home care, your pet's routine examinations include regularly scheduled physical checkups to give your pet the best chance at lifelong health. 

Bringing your pet in for their regular visit to the vet can help prevent health issues from developing. The vet will also be able to detect diseases and conditions in their early stages, when they tend to be most treatable.

Routine Exams | Olds Pet Clinic | Olds, AB

What to Expect During Your Pet's Physical

During a thorough physical examination, your vet will be able to construct a complete picture of your pet's overall health. An exam includes these elements:

General Condition

Your pet's physical condition and general demeanour provide clues to their overall health. 

From their stance to their walk and how alert they are, as well as their current body weight (within the context of size), these are all important health indicators. 

Coat & Skin

Health problems can cause issues with your pet's skin and coat, including dandruff, dryness, lumps, bumps, shedding or other conditions. Your pet's skin and coat will be thoroughly inspected for any issues. 

Face & Head

We will check your pet's nose, eyes and ears for any discharge or other abnormalities. The mouth will be examined for concerns related to oral health, such as plaque buildup or periodontal disease. 

Internal Health

Blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and rhythm are critical to your pet's heart health. 

These will be tested to ensure they are within normal range. Since swelling or pain in the lymph nodes can indicate trouble, we'll check these areas.

The abdomen will be inspected to ensure the bladder, intestines, liver, stomach, kidneys and spleen each feel normal, and that your pet is not exhibiting any symptoms of discomfort. We will also listen to the lungs for signs of abnormal breathing or issues in the chest. 

Puppies & Kittens

From the time they are born, a puppy or kitten requires attentive medical care to ensure they get off to a good, healthy start in life. 

We'll check that your furry companion is dewormed and ensure he or she receives appropriate immunizations, in addition to a complete physical examination. 

You'll also receive a puppy or kitten kit filled with valuable educational material to help you care for your new four-legged family member, along with samples. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about caring for your new pet, both during your appointments or between visits. 

After your pet's first appointment, you'll return as necessary for his or her required booster vaccines. 


Due to advances in best practices, better nutrition, veterinary medical knowledge and innovative therapies, our senior pets are living longer than in decades past. 

While this is encouraging for owners, it also brings some different challenges. As your pet ages, regular physical exams become even more important to ensuring they live long, healthy lives. 

In addition to routine exams for adult pets, we are especially diligent in caring for your senior pet, since age-related conditions such as vision loss, hearing loss and heart issues can easily develop. More laboratory tests will also provide informative data about your pet's health. 

Vaccinations & Prevention

At your pet's regular physical exam, the vet will check whether preventive care is required, or if any routine vaccinations are needed. 

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