Veterinary Surgery

The experienced vet at our Olds clinic is highly skilled in a variety of veterinary surgical procedures, including soft tissue, spaying and neutering, ocular surgery, dental surgery and C-sections. 

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Surgery | Olds Pet Clinic | Olds, AB

Experienced, Thorough Care

At our Olds vet clinic, we provide a number of surgical services ranging from routine to advanced procedures. 

Before each surgery at Olds Pet Clinic, we complete a thorough physical exam and preanesthetic testing. Your pet is also monitored during their procedure, and pain medication is provided to help with any discomfort during recovery. 

We understand that hearing your pet needs surgery can be distressing, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have. We are also dedicated to providing safe anesthesia and pain management for your pet.

Common Surgical Procedures

SPAYING – Prevent female pets from becoming pregnant and reproducing, as well as minimizing or eliminating the risk of associated cancers.

NEUTERING – Prevent male pets from reproducing, as well as minimizing or eliminating the risk of associated cancers.

C-SECTION – Emergency surgery to remove puppies or kittens from the uterus of a dog or cat.

DENTAL – Dental surgery involves any type of procedure aimed at repairing your pet's teeth, gums and other oral structures. Dental cleanings are also a procedure that requires a general anesthetic.

SOFT TISSUE – Soft tissue surgery can address a range of health issues unrelated to the skeletal system.

OCULAR – Ocular surgery focuses on treating eye problems, from infections to retinal disease.

Veterinary Surgery | Olds Pet Clinic | Olds, AB